Day 1 & 2 – Getting Into The NutriMost State of Mind

Yesterday I began my NutriMost 40 Day Challenge, although technically it began the day before.

To be completely transparent I have been unsure of this challenge. I am a man of science and faith. Importantly I believe in scientific proof and I have heard of these fly-by-night weight loss programs who extort money from hard working people, fill them with empty promises, then leave them hanging.

When I heard about NutriMost I did not really believe it… Until I saw the results! A great friend and mentor of this program began it last December, during Chirstmas (and we all know how hard it is to eat good during Christmas!), and to date she has lost over 70 pounds! Completely unbelievable! I know this program works because I have saw the results first hand. So when we decided that I would complete this challenge, and change my life for the positive, I was ecstatic!


Day 1

Day 1 was my load day. In a nutshell I can eat all the food I want, so long as it is healthy. Healthy food, healthy fats, etc. My fantastic girlfriend and I ate breakfast/lunch at Wild Wings Cafe, where I ate the grilled chicken tenders, and loaded half-order of the steel town spuds. 6 grilled chicken tenders, and French fries with blue cheese dressing, bacon, chives, and cheese. For dinner I ate some tuna mixed with sliced button mushrooms, which tasted wonderful!

I wondered how difficult this new way of life, eating right and feeling great would be. I was worried for the second day, when I began to “eat right” and had to stop eating the delicious tasting bad food and started eating the good food. I did not realize until the end of the second day though, that the good food not only tasted wonderful, but was wonderful for me! It’s all about a good way of life and eating healthy.


Day 2

Day 2 started out as usual, getting out of bed ready to start the day. Knowing I had to work later in the afternoon I prepared my uniform, my lunchbox, my gear, then I began Day 2 of the NutriMost 40 Day Challenge. I read then re-read over my weight loss journal with the instructions for the day, and when and how to take my supplements.

For breakfast I are two hard boiled eggs, with the yokes removed. I pink-salted and peppered my eggs, after cutting them up in a bowl, and placing them in the freezer for 20 minutes to chill. Side note -egg yokes are CRAZY HIGH in calories! 55 calories for an egg with the yoke, compared to 17 calories for egg whites only. 

Breakfast was a total of 36 calories! To compare for a moment, my old breakfast. Saturday, knowing I would be starting a new way of life I wanted to eat one last bad breakfast. So on my way to headquarters, I stopped at Hardee’s for a Bacon, Swiss, Chicken Biscuit with a small order of hash rounds, and a milk.


Bacon, Swiss, Chicken Biscuit = 670 calories

Small Hash Rounds = 260 calories

2% White Milk = 150 calories



Unbelievable isn’t it!! 1,080 calories for breakfast alone! I see why our nation is so overweight, it is all these terrible foods we have allowed ourselves to eat for decades!

Well for lunch I ate a banana and an apple, which in hindsight, the banana I should not have ate. They are high in calories and are terrible for this diet. Thankfully my NutriMost mentor educated me of that, and lesson learned.

Dinner was Tuna seasoned with pink salt, pepper, spicy pepper seasoning, and lemon pepper seasoning. This tasted wonderful and when paired with an orange, it was fantastic! It tasted so much better than anything deep fried and I just felt healthier!


Day 2 Meals and Calories

Breakfast = 34 calories

Lunch = 200 calories

Dinner = 122 calories


Now I just need to increase my calorie intake over 500. 


It is all about eating healthy and to believe that I ate 3 times less the calories for my old breakfast alone is simply amazing! For the first time in my life, I feel normal. Oh yeah -I am type 1 diabetic and have been for 16 years. My usual short-acting (when I eat food) insulin dosage ranges around 35 units per meal, when I was eating terribly and adding to my weight. Yesterday, Day 2, I took only 5 units of my short-acting insulin! My sugars are normal, my insulin use is nearly non-existent which is a great thing, and I am seeing positive results!

Day 3 has started fantastic! Stepping on the scale I have already lost 1 pound, and I feel so much better!

Thanks for following along my walk to a healthy life, and I encourage you to share my journey with others! Basically this diet is eating healthy and limiting calories, to only good calories and foods, and eating smaller portions. And if you are wondering, Day 2 I was tempted severely for bad food to eat, but I did not give in. I will not give in! Think of it like a fight. Your opponent will fight dirty, but just keep throwing punches and blocking what is thrown back at you. The healthier you eat, the the more weary your opponent will become.

Look forward to more posts of my walk to a new way of life!

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