Day 11, 12 & 13 – Pop Rox!

Pop Rox! No not the kind you eat, but the 80’s & 90’s cover band you listen to! Jaime and I went out last night to hear them play in Knoxville at the Smoky Mountain Brewery! As always they played great music and raised the roof off the place!

While in attendance we became hungry, so I pulled out their menu. Nothing I would really eat on their diet, so I slid over to the salad section where I found a shredded chicken salad with roasted tomatoes. Well, not being able to eat the salad on this NutriMost diet I opted instead to have grilled chicken with roasted tomatoes, and let me say that it tasted delicious! But more importantly than tasting delicious, but it was healthy and at a restaurant!

It’s not everyday you can go out somewhere and find good food worth eating, and I was really surprised at how well it was. Today was an important day and proved the other part of my testing the waters of eating out: Would I lose any weight? Why I expected to see myself hopefully not gain any weight, I was in disbelief when I stepped on the scale this morning and saw that I lost 2.7 pounds from the previous day!

So to answer the question, YES you can eat healthy while eating out, and still meet the goals set for yourself!

To date I have lost 13 pounds, which is on track with 1 pound per day! The NutriMost diet has proven itself effective so long as it is followed properly. I throw in that disclaimer because this diet is very unforgiving. My goal weight is 200 pounds and while I still have a ways to go, seeing the weight drop with every day that I follow this diet is uplifting.

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