Day 20 & 21 – Checking In At The NutriMost Clinic

Today I had my appointment at the NutriMost Clinic in Knoxville, and it was a wonderful visit! If anything it was a confidence and morale booster, but to see that I have lost 16 pounds, decreased my BMI and visceral fat, and increased my water intake was great! Still overall I feel healthier and seeing the weight continue to drop is fantastic. I am becoming healthier in a healthy way.

I chose to eat out yesterday while at lunch during work. I ate at Cracker Barrel and ordered very healthy portions to eat. Grilled chicken strips cooked without any oils or butters, and grilled tomatoes cooked without any oils or butters. The calories were appropriate with my diet, and truthfully the food always so much better without the oils and butters. I see the oils and butters as grease that clogs the system, and in this case the system is my veins and arteries. The less “grease” that I consume, the better that I feel, and the healthier I become. Even after I complete the NutriMost plan I will continue to live this lifestyle of appropriate eating to continue my healthier way of life.

My diabetes has still been great! I am barely taking fast-acting insulin for the meals I eat. Instead of eating fried meat and potatoes where I have to take large amounts of fact-acting insulin to compensate for the tremendous amount of sugar in my body, I am choosing to consume grilled foods and healthy fruits and vegetables, such as spinach and tomatoes. Eating the healthy option allows me the ability to not need the fast-acting insulin because I am not consuming a tremendous amount of sugars. If you are wondering too, I have not experienced many low blood sugars either. Truly continuing this lifestyle choice has effectively stabilized my type-1 diabetes!

In the continuance of eating healthier I have been following a lot of recipes from the NutriMost Recipe site. Their link is . It is all the great food we enjoy, beef, chicken, seafood, healthy vegetables and fruits, but with tasteful and healthy recipes to help continue the proper way of eating right and making yourself healthier. This website has become a browser favorite and I use it almost daily.

According to NIVA today I have hit my halfway mark on the program, and I have three weeks left! Wow I never thought the halfway mark would come so quickly! Truthfully I do not want to come off the program because I want to continue the goals I have made. But regardless my choices I choose to make regarding NutriMost, I will continue to follow the regimen of eating healthy and taking supplements to continue the upkeep of my health.

On the topic of supplements I need to bring to your attention something important. I am not a health nut! Now that we have it in the clear, allow me to explain. I am not one who abundantly believes in supplements and hugging trees or anything of that sort. BUT what I do believe is results. A friend of mine started this program last year and I saw the difference it made for her, which is the reason I chose to start NutriMost as well. I’m not saying go hug a tree, but this balance of eating healthy and taking supplements HAS WORKED! I don’t know the science behind it but I know when I see results, and currently I am at 16 pounds of results. As for my friend who started NutriMost last year -she is at 90+ pounds of results.

Please feel free to drop a comment below and I will be more than happy to respond back! Take care everyone and until next time, stand by for my next check-in

3 Comments on Day 20 & 21 – Checking In At The NutriMost Clinic

Andrew Lawson said : administrator Report 6 years ago

So far I am down 50 pounds and I have been holding steady there, after finishing my last round about one year ago.

n4awl said : administrator Report 7 years ago

Certainly! I am currently down 30 pounds from when I started the NutriMost Weight Loss Program, and I have been keeping the weight off too. In addition to losing the weight, they taught me what some of my weight triggers are, how to control those triggers, and how to eat healthy and more nutritious foods, which keeps me from gaining weight again.

Kim Minnick said : Guest Report 7 years ago

May I ask where you are with the weight loss now??

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