Day 27, 28 & 29 – One Month Fast Food Free

Day 27, 28 & 29 have blown by! After a plateau of weight loss I am once again on the losing band-wagon. Dropping two more pounds I have realized I may need to look into shopping for new clothing, which is great news!

I have realized that some of my previous weight gain may have had something to do with my carrer choice. Staying stressed all the time is never healthy, and some of those poor health choices made is eating to releive stress, and eatign fast food because having time to stop and eat something healthy is not always a viable option.

But today marks Day 29 and I am one month without fast food! It is amazing to think that such an accomplishment has been possible! The reason Americans are so overweight is due in part to fast food and the large amount of which we consume. I am proof that cutting fast food, breads, starches, bad vegestibles, bad fats, heavy food intake, etc. really does play a positive role in your health. Taking my supplements has furthered my health that much farther too. Still I have decreased my insulin intake dramaitcally and knowing that I can eat porperly without the heavy insulin dosage is uplifting! It is uplifting because I know with every continued day I am one more day healthier than the last!

I still have 60 pounds to my ideal weight, which I ballparked on an even number rounded to the nearest hundredth, but everyday I see a difference made toeards acheiving that goal! I am looking forward to the future of my health and to see what other positivie gains will be made! This all has been made possible due to the NutriMost program administered by Dr. Andy Harris in Knoxville, and by my mentor who is going through the program with me.

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