Day 30 & 31 – Clothes Shopping!

Wow Day’s 30 & 31 have been great! I finally went clothes shopping, for a polo actually, and left with blue jeans too! I have dropped a pants size and I am looking to drop more! It feels great knowing I am fitting into clothes that I once wore, so now all I need to do is continue the success!

One problem that I have ran into is I cannot seem to drop more than about 20 pounds. When I do it just stops at that point. I plan to call the great staff at NutriMost in Knoxville and obtain their opinion on how to fix that. If I can get past this plateau I can continue losing weight and get to looking more like my old self!

I have continued to cookfrom the NutriMost Recipes website and that has been fantastic! I can cook some of my favorite foods, but with a healthy twist instead of using bad products that contribute to weight gain. Some of the recipes I have made are below:

If you have not checked out NutriMost Recipes please take a moment to do so! Their link is and you will love their recipe submissions!

Please comment below and let me know what you link, and any great recipes I may enjoy or would want to share with others!


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