Day 8, 9 & 10 – Ten Pounds Lighter!

Wow, day’s 8 – 10 have been unbelievable! I have already lost 10 pounds and I am feeling great!

I stumbled upon a picture of myself in July 2006. I was at least 100 pounds lighter, thin, and I looked great. Flash forward ten years later, and I realize that the weight did not pile on overnight, but it was gradual and I allowed it to happen. I want to get back to that weight, better health, and how good that I looked. Below is the picture I was speaking about.

Have the temptations been there? ABSOLUTELY! But the key is to not give into those food cravings and temptations. When I have cravings I think of the picture from 2006 and about the weight I want to lose to be healthy, and I further myself towards that goal!

10 days and 10 pounds lighter is amazing! I encourage others on this journey to continue to follow your diet, take your supplements, and keep track in your food journal. It is amazing to see the goals obtained and the amount of calories eaten when you turn the pages.

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