N2AL – My New Call Sign

A few weeks ago I received exciting news from the F.C.C.! My application for the amateur radio call sign N2AL was approved, after being pooled between five radio operators, myself included. While trading in N4AWL for N2AL was a difficult choice, choosing a callsign that reflects the amateur extra class, and easier for DX operation, was worth the change. My thoughts were if I received N2AL that was wonderful, and if I did not receive it, then it was for the best.

It has been an interesting change to go from N4AWL, to N2AL. Not as confusing as changing my previous callsign from KK4IFN to N4AWL, but still it takes some adjustment in time.

Before anyone worries that I will be changing the website, do not fear! I plan to keep N4AWL.com as my primary website. the site N2AL.com is not available, and even if it were, N4AWL.com has been established and I do not wish to change it. So please everyone welcome the new callsign change, and I hope to hear you on the bands!


73 to all and God bless!

Andrew | N2AL

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