Some of my contacts I am most proud of are:

  • RI1ANC & KC4AAA – Antartica
  • ZS6NO; ZS2DL; ZS6CCY – South Africa
  • VE3RMJ/AM – Robert from Canada, piloting an AirBus A320 at 37,000 feet, 300 miles from the United States coast over the Atlantic Ocean, near the Caribbean Islands.
  • OE3XMA – My first Austrian contact.
  • 9K2WA – Kuwait, my first HF contact.


Below are the states I have contacted, in an effort to place all 50 states in my logbook:

Alabama         Alaska         Arizona          Arkansas

California         Colorado         Connecticut          Delaware

Florida         Georgia          Hawaii         Iowa

Illinois         Indiana         Kansas         Kentucky

Louisiana         Massachusetts          Maryland         Maine

Michigan         Minnesota         Missouri          Mississippi

Montana         Nevada         North Carolina         North Dakota

Nebraska         New Hampshire         New Jersey         New Mexico

New York         Ohio         Oklahoma         Oregon

Pennsylvania         Rhode Island         South Carolina         South Dakota

Tennessee         Texas         Utah         Virginia

Vermont         Washington         Wisconsin         Wyoming


Below are states I need to contact, in order to complete contacting all 50 states:

Idaho         West Virginia


Below are the Canadian provinces and territories I have contacted, in an effort to place all provinces and territories in my logbook:

Alberta          British Columbia          Manitoba          Nova Scotia

Ontario          Prince Edward Island          Yukon Territory


Below are the Canadian provinces and territories I need to contact, to place all Canadian provinces and territories in my logbook:

New Brunswick          Northwest Territories          Nunavut        Quebec

Saskatchewan          Newfoundland and Labrador


Below is a listing of my current logs, as updated on QRZ.com.

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