I do much more than spend my time with amateur radio. I also partake in a little adventure called geocaching! In a nutshell, it’s a scavenger hunt with a GPS receiver. I got my start caching on Tuesday, December 8th, 2008. I had recently purchased a Garmin Nuvi 200W automotive GPS receiver, and I stumbled upon a link for geocaching while on Garmin’s website.

Once the cache is located, the player signs the log, and takes something if there is something to take, say a trinket for example. But for something a player takes, they have to leave something of equal value. One of the best items I found was a PlayStation video game! I have a personal goal I have set for myself: for every state I visit, grab a cache. I hopefully one day, Lord willing, can claim a cache in every US state, and Canadian province. You can check out the map on the right to view my progress. Next on my list, is Alabama and South Carolina.

I like the quick park and grab caches, but what I really enjoy is the out of the way caches, where a little bit of hiking is involved. I also enjoy virtual caches and earth caches, due to the fact of the beauty of some of the places I commonly find myself at. To the left is a beautiful picture of Turkey Pen Falls in beautiful Monroe County, Tennessee. This waterfall is nestled in the beautiful Cherokee National Forest, in the Great Smoky Mountains.

Geocaching- it’s free to play, and check out for more information. My username is N2AL. Feel free to shoot me a friend request! Maybe our paths may cross somewhere along a cache, and we can put a face to the name. Click Here to access my geocaching profile.

visited 14 states (28%)

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