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Maine Warden Service – North Woods Law

Yesterday evening after arriving home I checked my mail as I normally do. Enclosed in my mail was an envelope, with bubble wrap on the inside and weather-proofed, with documents protected by cardboard. My call sign, N4AWL, was written on the address label. Believing it contained QSL cards from contacted amateur radio stations I carefully cut open the envelope, and pulled out some documents, with a QSL card attached! Enclosed in this parcel was a QSL card from a station in Maine, but instead of many QSL cards from a QSL manager, it contained signed autographs from the wardens on the Animal Planet series, North Woods Law! To say that I was elated was an understatement!! I was so excited I could not speak, or sleep! It is not everyday a surprise like that lands on the doorstep, let alone the mailbox!

I had a conversation with “Mike” a few weeks prior, who is an extra class amateur radio operator, and during our conversation we discussed our professions, and our enjoyment of the television series, North Woods Law. He performs work for the Maine Warden Service, and the Wardens featured on North Woods Law. After our conversation on 40 meters, lower side band, unbeknownst to me he had the fourteen wardens featured on the tv series sign a poster for me, and included a one of a kind poster he designed, autographed by Warden Chris Simmons!

I am so humbled and thankful this fellow ham chose to think of me, and send me this gift. Words are unable to express my appreciation. I plan to find a Maine Warden Service department patch, and have these items framed. Have a look at the slideshow below, which contains the pictures of the QSL card, and the autographed posters.


73 and I hope to see you on the bands!

Andrew | N4AWL

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