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Vacation 2013- Saint Louis – Part One

Vacation 2013

Saint Louis, Missouri

Part One

Today’s date is July 30th, 2013, my last day in beautiful Saint Louis. To say the first leg of my trip has been fun, would be a gross understatement. I have spent the past six days with my grandparents, while visiting my aunt, uncle, and cousin. I have been to many local historic sites, including some below.

Saint Louis Arch
Cardnal’s Baseball Park
Ram’s Football Stadium
Ram’s Practice Complex
Blue’s Hockey Arena
Busch Bottling Company
Union Station

Those are just a few more notible locations. We also took a day trip to the Pere Marquette State Park, just over the state line into Illinois. About an hour drive from Saint Louis, not too bad. The beauty of the park was wonderful, and I managed to get some spectactular pictures. Those pictures are below in a slideshow.

At the park they have roads you can drive and it will take you to some beautiful overlooks, with some amazing views of the Mississippi River. Furthmore, there are a few towns, (Alton, Ill. ; Elsah, Ill. ; and Grafton, Ill.) that have beautiful downtown districts, and wonderful views along the Mississippi River also.

I did see something I am not used to seeing- Illinois Department of Transportation operates a ferry service that crosses the Mississippi river, from Grafton, Ill. into Missouri. For the communters that drive from Grafton to Saint Louis, that save them about 45 minutes and about 30 miles drive one way. Kicker is, it’s all free. It’s paid by state money- suppose that’s a reason they have state income tax. 🙂

I will admit, when I thought of driving through Illinois and Missouri, I didn’t think the scenery would be so beautiful. I was wrong. They both are very beautiful states, with a lot to see. I wish I could spend more time here, but Arkansas is tomorrow.

But I will bid everyone adue, as tomorrow I leave for Arkansas. It will be around an eight hour drive, but nothing too strenious. I am packing a cooler with sandwiches and drinks so only stops will be to pit. I do have to say, I am going to miss my grandparents. Today Omi and I made snitzel for dinner- and nothing beats her Austrian cooking. I’ve been living off it for the past week, I suppose I will have to get used to my Southern foods again.

If you have APRS, make sure to look for me. I am running APRS on my trip under my call, N4AWL-9. If you’re not an amateur radio operator, use the link below to find me on APRS online. I also have started using Echolink, after the operators on the K9HAM , Louis and Clark Amateur Radio Club, told me they had the capabilities. You can find their site at http://www.k9hm.org .



73’s everyone, and God bless you all.